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Heartstyles is the key to opening
the door of change you want.

Do you want to have a better understanding of why
you do the things you do?

Do you want to learn how to shift your ineffective
behaviours to become effective?

Do you want to see positive company cultures?


What is it?

Heartstyles is a powerful self-awareness and character development tool which measures the principles and thinking that drive our behaviour. It is a ‘life indicator’ rather than a ‘personality type indicator‘ as it determines where you are at any given moment in time, and this can vary depending on your circumstances. It's your life compass navigating you towards your true north.

It works on the premise that in order to understand and change our behaviour, we first need to explore our thinking and internal attitudes that underpin and motivate what we say and do. At the centre of your success lies the Heartstyles Indicator – a tool that gives a 360° view of an individual’s current behaviours. It involves completing a 75-question survey which takes approximately 10 minutes. The results give an overview of how you’re showing up day-to-day. You can have up to 15 colleagues provide scores for you, which capture their perceptions of your current behaviour. It is an outside perspective.

The Four Principles

(and Courage)

(and Respect)

(and Ego)

(and Hiding)

Complete Indicator v4 RGB ENG.png

The four quadrants comprise 16 styles, of which 8 sit ‘above the line’ (effective behaviours) and 8 sit ‘below the line’ (ineffective behaviours).

The Pride and Fear quadrant styles represent our ordinary day-to-day behaviour, and the Humility and Love quadrant styles display our ideal extraordinary behaviour. In better understanding ourselves we are able to learn how to shift from below to above the line in any given moment when faced with a choice of reacting or responding.

Using Heartstyles in your Business

There are several areas where Heartstyles can be applied to enhance Leadership, Culture, Teams and Values

svgexport-11 2.png
svgexport-12 2.png


Over the years we’ve helped thousands of leaders to develop:

  • Self-awareness

We help leaders understand their own behaviours, others’ perception of them and what they can do to make both as positive as possible.

  • Their own authentic leadership style

To inspire their teams, leaders need the self-confidence and self-awareness to be themselves – not just the image of a leader.


By helping individuals shift their behaviours we can help:

  • Evolve your culture

When your people’s behaviours align with their values, the entire culture shifts for the better.

  • Create a framework of acceptable corporate behaviours

If your values are evident in the way your organisation works, employee engagement benefits.


From the frontline to executive level, we help teams:

  • Understand where they're at

By aggregating data we can use the Heartstyles Indicator to show you your teams' current prevailing behaviours.

  • Find a way forward

With the right coaching we can work with your teams to shift their ways of working to be more effective and better aligned with your values.


We can help you analyse whether your values are
working by:

  • Measuring behaviours

With the Heartstyles indicator you can quantify the extent to which your people’s motivations match your vision and values.

  • Offering a path to progress

Our programmes and coaching are designed to empower your people to recognise and shift ineffective behaviours.

Our four-step journey using the formula

0007 - Red - Measure M.png


0007 - Red - Activate A.png


0007 - Red - Cultivate C.png


0007 - Red - Performance P.png


The Heartstyles indicator gives us a measure of the behaviours at play in your business - both effective and ineffective.


This is where we take information we’ve collected and use it to lay out a personal development journey for your people. The learning programmes are impactul and thoroughly purposeful.


This is about cementing the progress that’s been made so the benefits are felt for years to come. We do this by supplying ongoing coaching and consultancy, making personal development a real part of your DNA.


Performance means different things to different people. It could be increased sales, better employee engagement or something else altogether. Whatever your goal, together we’ll come up with a clear and accurate way to measure the metrics that matter to you.

What are the benefits?

When people strengthen their character, they enhance their ability to respond to what’s going on around them, rather than simply reacting to what’s going on inside them. This ultimately leads to calmer, more constructive decision-making – day in, day out.

Whether a large number of staff use Heartstyles or just a selection of key leaders, you will likely see benefits to both the individual and the organisation.

svgexport-11 2.png
svgexport-12 2.png

Benefits on an individual level

  • Increased capacity to remain calm and constructive

  • Improved emotional intelligence and stronger relationships

  • An ability to remain focused on higher, longer-term goals

Benefits on an organisational level

  • Less inter-personal and inter-departmental friction

  • A healthier culture, marked by openness and honesty

  • Leaders unlocking the potential of those around them

Get in Touch

If you would like to learn more and discuss how Heartstyles can help you be your most effective self, let’s have a conversation.

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