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  • What is it that you want for yourself?

  • What do you want to be sure about?

  • What do you want to learn?

  • What do you want to be better at?

  • How would you like to positively influence your teams?

In a coaching conversation you’ll be able to discover the answer to these questions, and more.


Coaching is a partnership of trust and support to reflect new thinking and explore possibilities to achieve goals.


Coaching is a collaborative process of partnership between a coach and a client. The conversation is led and reflected upon by the client, and guided to deeply explore from multiple perspectives by the coach. Outcomes include thinking differently, having new awareness, creating greater confidence and better communication skills. A powerful benefit of coaching is having regular designated time and safe space to share thoughts, feelings and ideas in a confidential environment. In our current times it is rare to have this insightful opportunity to be listened to, truly heard and have time to pause and create the life you want.


Coaching helps you to get clear. Imagine yourself being able to:

Communicate with authenticity

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Lead with heart

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Empathise with compassion

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Act with emotional intelligence

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Relate with kindness

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These are some of the positive changes you will notice following coaching.

Coaching Areas

  • Executive Presence


  • Leadership


  • Communication


  • Career


  • Performance effectiveness


  • 360 degree assessments

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  • Increase productivity to achieve financial goals

  • Executive presence

  • Lead with authenticity

  • Improve organisational performance



Coaching Programmes

1:1 Personal Coaching for Individuals

2-month Programme includes:

  • Pre-work questionnaire

  • 8 coaching sessions

  • 60-minute duration

  • Frequency - weekly

  • Conducted on Zoom

  • Goal setting and

3 to 6-month

  • Pre-work questionnaire and debrief

  • 12 coaching sessions

  • 60-minute duration

  • Frequency – weekly /

  • Conducted on Zoom

  • Access to worksheets

4 to 8-month

  • Pre-work questionnaire and debrief

  • 16 coaching sessions

  • 60-minute duration

  • Frequency – weekly /

  • Conducted on Zoom with option of 4 x F2F sessions (HK-based clients)

  • Access to worksheets and emails between sessions

1:1 Organisational Coaching for Corporates

A typical format follows these steps with associated parties:

Chemistry meeting

  • Coaching counterpart

  • ​Ensure partnership is a good fit

Strategy meeting

  • Objectives

  • ​Success criteria

Coaching Sessions

  • 12 x 1 hour sessions over 6 - 9 months

  • ​Frequency: every 2 – 3 weeks

Heartstyles (optional)

  • Character Development Tool

  • ​Includes 360 feedback

Mid-point review

  • Sponsor

  • Designated stakeholders

Final review

  • Sponsor

  • Designated stakeholders

Post-programme follow up

  • Coaching counterpart / Sponsor

  • After 3 months

Outcomes following commitment to coaching:

  • The ability to maximise goal setting skills to prioritise and manage time more effectively

  • Advanced communication skills – enhance verbal and non-verbal interactions, listen, ask questions, provide valuable feedback and effectively manage objections

  • Increase in self-confidence and presence

  • The ability to think strategically in terms of outcomes and capability to deliver those outcomes

  • Improved leadership and delegation skills

  • Increased knowledge and insights into
    yourself which allows you to become more
    flexible, versatile and influential

Book a 1-2-1

Let's have a conversation about your needs, and explore the possibility of working together.

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